#168 Mob Panels: Just Getting Started

Mob Panels: Bringing together Mobbers, media, and listeners that are invested in various aspects of basketball. Whether it be writers and fans of a certain team, to GA’s on College programs, we’re going to bring multiple people on each of these episodes to talk about what they know best. For the 1st take, we brought […]

#167 Timberwolves/Hornets Mob’s Trade Deadline

The Trade Deadline has passed, but NBA front offices never stop evaluating the trade value of the players on their rosters, and neither will we. However, we are going with a new format with a double deadline. The deadlines will only be 10-15 minutes for each team and the cap run downs will remain the […]

Mega Mob’s Trade Deadline

2.5 Hour Deadline!! 7 Mobbers hop on a call, Kaan navigates the conversation and DJ, Will, Garrett, Dann, Charlie, and Jack take on 5 different teams and negotiate trades for 2.5 hours. Every single team has a trade negotiation, 25+ teams actually made some sort of move, and the landscape of the league has definitely […]

Ep. 162: Grizzlies Mob’s Trade Deadline

Last week, news came out of Memphis that the front office has put Conley and Gasol on the trading block. This obviously mean that we had to take on the Memphis Grizzlies for our Mob’s Trade Deadline episode. Kaan (@iKaanic) takes charge of the Grizzlies front office as Dj (@djrekstad) WIll (@WillRPennington) and Sydney (@syd_rob25) […]

Ep. 160: Lakers Mob’s Trade Deadline

The LA Lakers are the victims of our weekly Front office takeover. Kaan (@iKaanic) tries to bring in championship calibre role players as well as hunt for a certain New Orleans based super star. Will (@WillRPennigton) and DJ (@djrekstad) take control of the rest of the league and we negotiate 15-20 possible trades. Hope you […]