About Us

The Bench Mob started as a podcast that focuses on the NBA and the culture surrounding the game of basketball. With the introduction of TheBenchMobNBA.com, we hope to grow the Mob into one of the best NBA communities on the internet.

The Bench Mob was started by a group of Sports Business Classroom 2017 Alumni. As our time at Sports Business Classroom drew to a close, there were quite a few of us who looked around the room, and did not want that feeling to go away. It was a feeling of comradery, of belonging to a group that had many shared interests, part of that feeling was pushing each other to be our very best.

Unsurprisingly, a few people were planning on starting their own podcasts. They decided to join together and keep the SBC feeling going after we left Las Vegas. The podcast didn’t have a name at that time, and only a few of us were involved. Now we have over 20 members, all SBC 2017 alums helping produce content, edit podcasts, come up with ideas for new episodes, and market the show. It has been a real group effort fitting of the name “The Bench Mob”.

What started as a way to keep the class in touch has grown into a very real show about basketball and the culture around the NBA. An extremely talented group of young individuals is bringing a plethora of ideas, takes, and opinions. The Bench Mob is here to serve as their platform.

As we continue to grow, we hope to expand the Mob. We encourage anyone with a passion for basketball to reach out if you would like to join The Bench Mob. So shoot your shot. Our email is thebenchmobpodcast@gmail.com and our social media link are directly below. We look forward to hearing from you.